"Beyond the Ley" is a series written by houka-hearts-kinzoku and hlissner. The entire series is planned to have 8 books excluding side stories and other media.

The story of the series follows the life of Spark Rattle, an alicorn who was from beyond th ley lines, from the Republic of Asura. The story also follows the adventures of the Great and Powerful Trixie, a canon character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who decides to join Spark's journey back to the outer world in search of fame and glory.

The story itself is divided into around 8 books:

  1. Friendship is Adventure
  2. Adventure is Living
  3. Life is for Tomorrow
  4. Tomorrow is Happiness
  5. Happiness is Key
  6. Key of Nebuchadnezzer
  7. Nebuchanezzer of Asura
  8. Asura (Epilogue)

The first book would tackle the journey to find a way across the dreaded ley. The second and third cover their initial stay at Asura while the fourth tackles their return back. The fifth and sixth book cover certain important events that happen in the known world. The sevnth tells about their final return into the Lost World and the final book shows the lives of the main characters from the previous books after all the events.

Note: Plans are subject to change without prior notice.Just sayin'. :3