Circ-city diagram

Grey circles represent High class residential domes, Red circles represent Government domes, and the Blue circle represents the temple or worship dome. The circle surrounding the domes represents the wall that guards the domes from the outside world.

Circ-cities are domed cities usually found scattered around the Asuran continent. Circ-cities are called as such thanks to the circular arrangement of the structures which are shepherded by the wall encircling the city. The domes within the city are arranged in a manner that seems to encircle the central dome. The domes within most cities are as follows:

  • Temple/Worship Dome - This dome contains the main temple that worships the deity of Asura. It is also the largest dome in circ-cities that possess it. In Sorraia, the capital circ-city of Asura, this dome also houses the home of the president, Carom.
  • Government Domes - These domes encircle the Temple/Worship Dome and usually house the homes and offices of the local government officials in the given circ-city. Numbers of these domes are known to vary from circ-city to circ-city. Smaller circ-cities tend to have one or two but main circ-cities with Temple/Worship Domes always have three.
  • Residential Domes - These domes encircle the previous domes. Usually there are five of these domes in every circ-city but some smaller ones possess about three. These domes house the high-class residents who can afford to stay in them. Lower-ranked government officials may also have properties in them.

These cities are usually highly populated but the lower and middle class residents inhabit the areas around the domes, living off on rations provided by the Asuran government. The high class residents who inhabit the outer domes are provided with better food as they can afford the tax to pay for them. Government officials who live in the government domes, however, recieve the best treatments and are treated with very high-class food and beverage. It's currently unknown though how the resident of the central dome is treated but many do assume it is of the richest and most luxurious comforts that none of the other residents could imagine.