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Umbrellas are codewords for underground shelters made by equines, canines, felines. The purpose of these bunkers is to protect "pure bred" equines, canines, or felines. But as the occupants are kept sheltered beneath hundreds of meters of rock, earth, and concrete, they are also psychologically conditioned from birth to believe that their world only consists of what is around them thus making them unable to leave their prisonous vault.


Umbrellas were first made back in 925AC (Asuran Calendar) and have begun operations on 937AC. It wasn't known who masterminded commissioning the Umbrellas but the nations of Asura, Pursia, and Ursaland agreed to the terms and helped with its construction. Taking nearly 12 years to complete 211 Umbrellas, volunteers immediately began to populate them soon as the umbrella they were assigned to was complete. The last Umbrella closed on the fall of 938 where approximately 177,000 equines, 212,000 canines, and 52,000 felines were now safe underground... or so they thought.

By as early as 1001AC, malfunctions began to appear. Faulty piping leading to massive internal raining, malfunctioning generators, and even a malfuctioning sewage system. Most of the problems were easy to work around with but some were simply just fatal.


Each Umbrella runs on 3 ley powered generators which have an average output of 1.87 terrawatts each. Each generator powers one given block but can share power to another in case of emergencies.

Umbrellas are composed of 3 main blocks:


This block contains the R.O.S.E. (Repopulation of Society Equipment) which is needed to, as the name of the item suggests, recreate society as it was prior to the containment of each given Umbrella. The dome also gives the Umbrella it's signature look leading to its name.

Residential BlockEdit

This block houses the residents and is the biggest area in the Umbrella's structure. The Umbrella's mechanism shaft also travels down through the residential block giving the town an impressive spire to look at. Most Umbrellas are equipped with extremely wide residnetial blocks; usually spanning around 100km in diameter and 10km in height. In some cases, like the equine inhabited Døle umbrella, special environmental procedures are followed such as two races are mixed with each other among other appointed requirements.

Utility BlockEdit

The utility block contains the waste disposal unit and generators as well as the emergency aqueducts.